Riot (feat. Killer Mike, Ella Baker, Martin Luther King)

by Max Ferency

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Killer Mike's words after death of George Floyd inspired me. Sadly, this cycle has been going on for a long time and so the words of Ella Baker and Martin Luther King are also just as relevant today as they were 50+ years ago.

If you feel moved by this music...
...share this with a friend to start a conversation
...educate yourself more (Michelle Alexander's reading list:
...listen to perspectives other than your own
...empathize with others' pain
...protest in the street (while safely wearing a COVID-19 mask) with your friends your representatives
...create your own artistic works
...organize in your own community
...connect this movement with others that fight for life and dignity for the least worse candidates (e.g. the ones that are more likely to respond positively to protests' demands)
...donate to help the movement & the protesters:


released June 26, 2020

Produced by Max Ferency
Words by Killer Mike, Ella Baker, & Martin Luther King




Max Ferency Baltimore, Maryland

In order to be a good musician, one must listen to and appreciate many different types of music.

In order to be a good citizen, one must listen to and appreciate many life experiences from different people.

These are my efforts to be a good citizen-musician.
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